30 lbs Lamb Cut Box (price is deposit)

30 lbs Lamb Cut Box (price is deposit)

This cut box is approximately 30 lbs of lamb ethically and lovingly raised on our farm. This is approximately the size of a whole lamb and gives you the largest variety of our delicious lamb cuts. Cut sizes and choices will vary for each customer, so final price is due at pick up. You get a choice of 6 roasts, 12 packages of chops, and 6 packages of lamburger and/or stew meat.

  • Choice of 2 each of 6 roasts (approx. 14 lbs total) sirloin roast 2-2.9 lbs shank roast 2-2.75 lbs foreshank 1-1.5 lbs shoulder roast 3-5 lbs leg of lamb 2.75-6.75 lbs

  • Choice of 12 chops (approx. 10 lbs total) arm chops (2/pk) 14-20 oz shoulder chops (2/pk) 9-24 oz loin chops (4/pk) 8-24 oz rib chops (4/pk) 9-16 oz

  • Choice of approx. 6 lbs total lamburger and/or stew meat

If you want a bit more or less of something, we can work with other options as well. This price is $12.60/lbs for a 30 lbs box. If you were to buy individual cuts, these range from $13-17/lbs. If you have questions about cuts, please see the individual descriptions on our website.  The deposit is due at order, final remaining payment will be calculated after package is discussed and due at pick up. Total cost will be around $378, minus $40 deposit. 

  • About our lambs

    At Attwood Farm, we lovingly raise our flock of Finn sheep on a rotational grazing system. Our sheep have the option to go outside daily where they have access to nutritious pastures, clean water, and the ability to express their sheep-ish nature as they graze through the season. This system of managed grazing provides our animals with good health and welfare, provides nutrient-dense meat, sequesters carbon, protects watersheds, and creates needed habitats for grassland wildlife. In the winter/cold season, we provide premium hay with small amounts of the highest quality grain. We're proud of the meat we raise and the manner in which we do it.